About Jose

I was born in Guanajuato , Mexico but  now I moved to the U.S. in Nevada. I like pizza and Mexican food ,I like playing  video games on my free time.I also really like soccer and running and doing exercise for my abdomen. The best soccer team in the world is chivas not those losers America. Don’t say anything Yudha.

5 thoughts on “About Jose

  1. Hi!! My name Is Lindsay and i’m from Pennsylvania. Comment Back!!

  2. whats a abdomen, wait…you are working on a six pack, eat more meat man!

  3. What is it like were you live is it cold right here were almost into winter and its still pretty hot

  4. Jose, America isn’t that good at soccer, but you live in america so don’t be dissing!!!!!! Other than your obsession with soccer, you seem pretty cool. I’m really thinking that you should comment me back on my page.

  5. Heck yes there is a Big Mac Museum! Ha, My favorite soccer team is chelsea, but Bekkam is my favorite player, even though he isn’t on that team.

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